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Open International University of Human Development “Ukraine”, Kyiv, Ukraine


The article deals with the socio-geographical processes of the development of urban settlement in a specific region of Ukraine, such as Kyiv Region, where a relatively large, branched and stable urban settlement network has historically been formed. In the process of functioning of this network, cer tain features and disproportions of the structure of the urban network, in par ticular towns and cities of urban type, have been identif ied, which has caused some problems for the further development of urban settlements. Geographical situation (location around the Ukrainian capital) makes significant influence on the development of urban settlements in the Kyiv region. Over the past 27 years there have been significant shif ts due to its dynamism: e.g., two new cities emerged on the basis of urban-type settlements; one city has moved from the middle-size to the small category; two large villages have been moved to the category of urban-type settlements, etc. Multivectoral socio-economic development resulted in significant differences in the urban settlement systems of the Kyiv region and adjacent regions. Taking into account the tendency of urban settlement system development in 2001-2016, as well as peculiarities of the structure of urban and urban-type settlements, the author developed the forecast of the development of urban settlements in the Kyiv region and justified directions for solving their problems. Solving the problems of socio-economic development of urban settlements in the Kyiv region requires a differentiated approach to the study of settlements, depending on their population, functions, geographical location, etc. The problem of activating the socio-economic development of small cities is particularly acute. This problem at the beginning of the XXI century began to be gradually solved in the process of implementing two national programs for small cities, but these programs have not been implemented due to the termination of the state funding. Monofunctional small towns of Kyiv region need special attention. The main directions of their development are: technical and managerial improvement of existing enterprises, construction of new industrial enterprises, operationally interconnected with the existing ones, increase of investments, strengthening of transport and social infrastructure, thus contributing to attractiveness and competitiveness of these cities.

Key words:

region, settlement, city, system, structure, territory 




Suggested citation: Dotsenko, A. (2018). Urban settlement in the Kyiv Region: dynamics and structure. Ekonomichna ta Sotsialna Geografiya, 80, 33-39, https://doi.org/10.17721/2413-7154/2018.80.33-39.

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