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Vladyslav BIELIKOV

Taras Schevchenko National University of Kyiv, Ukraine

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The paper reveals how peripheral position influences on the social and economic development of the northern part of Luhansk region, investigating the set of social and economic development problems of the north of Luhansk region related to various aspects of the life activity of the population and, in general, the development of the north of the region as part of the administrative-territorial unit. The author suggests ways of overcoming the problems connected with the peripheral location of the investigated territory and its proximity to the military occupied southern part of the region. Given the geographical specifics of the northern Luhansk region, it is shown that the periphery has its own "centers" and "deep periphery". Peripherality has a significant impact on the socio-economic development of the north of Lugansk region.
The main problems of social and economic development of the northern Luhansk region, caused by its peripheral geographic location, include demographic, labour and resettlement. Thus, the measures, aimed at improving the situation, should be targeted on decrease in mortality, depopulation and migration outflow, increase in employment via rationalization of labour potential use and improvement of the labour market structure, slowing rural degradation by improving social and economic conditions, including better quality of life providing people with all basic required services. Cities and towns (regional centres) need organization of intercity transport, improvement in sanitation, cleaning and centralized water supply.
Economic situation in the studied region could be improved via increasing competitiveness of enterprises and productivity of agricultural production, development of processing enterprises in the agroindustrial complex, stimulation of alternative economic branches (trade, recreation, tourism, education as well as the other service sectors, improvement of quality of transport services. In the field of nature use the region needs conservation and enhancement of land fertility, reduction of negative impacts of agricultural chemistry on soils, purification of small rivers, rational use of land resources, maintenance of the proper condition of natural objects of the nature reserve fund.
The solution of aforementioned problems requires joint efforts of scientists, managers (oblast, rayon and local authorities) and the public. A prerequisite is to take into account the geographical specificity of the region.

Key words:

peripherality, socio-economic development, northern Luhansk region, center, periphery, territory 




Suggested citation: Bielikov, V. (2018). Social and demographic problems of peripheral areas of the northern part of Luhansk region. Ekonomichna ta Sotsialna Geografiya, 79, 49-52, https://doi.org/10.17721/2413-7154/2018.79.49-52.

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