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1Yaroslav OLIYNYK, 2Sergiy SHEVCHUK

1Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv, Ukraine

2Poltava V.G. Korolenko National Pedagogical University, Ukraine

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This research represents comprehensive analysis of the development of scientific schools in human geography in Ukraine with a disquisition of cognitive potential and specific results of scientific schools of various types. Taking into account the aim of the research, we focused on the essential logical model of a scientific school in human geography. The scientific school was considered as a creative team of scientists united by common approaches to problem solving, style of theoretical work, strategies for professional scientific thinking, ideas and methods of their implementation. Therefore, scientific school is a team of scientists, recognized in scientific community, which under the guidance of the leader develops certain direction of human geography. Based on the theoretical background and elaborated methodology, we analyzed the factors influencing the development of scientific schools, the periodization of this process, types of scientific schools (disciplinary schools, educational scientific schools, scientific schools as research teams), their place, role and achievements in the development of human geography in Ukraine. The authors determined internal and external factors, influencing the development of human geography scientific schools in Ukraine, and distinguished three phases of development with respective periods: Stage 1 (late XIX - early XX century: 1873-1904; 1905-1917; 1918-1921); Stage 2 (middle XX century: 1922-1933; 1934-1963; 1964-1990); Stage 3 (late XX - early XXI century: 1991-2015). The most significant characteristics of each stage and period were defined. Special attention was paid to certain types of scientific schools: raion scientific school (among disciplinary schools) and scientific school of academician Maksym Palamarchuk (among the research teams). The problems and challenges of scientific schools in human geography in Ukraine, as well as perspective areas of their further development, were figured out.

Key words:

human geography in Ukraine, scientific schools, factors of development, disciplinary scientific school, educational scientific schools, scientific school as a research team 




Suggested citation: Oliynyk, Ya., Shevchuk, S. (2017). Human geography scientific schools in Ukraine (conceptual approaches to the study). Ekonomichna ta Sotsialna Geografiya, 77, 3-9 (in Ukrainian, abstr. in English), https://doi.org/10.17721/2413-7154/2017.77.3-9.

Print ISSN: 2413-7154. Online ISSN: 2413-7553

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