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Institute of Geography, National Academy of Science of Ukraine, Kyiv

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Relevance of the study is resulting from an ever-growing shortage of food in the world and increased demand for it due to the rapid growth of population and limited land suitable for growing crops. In this regard the purpose of this paper is to analyze the situation in cereal market in developing countries and the identification of effects caused by insufficient volumes of its production. The objectives of this article are: analysis of the situation on world food markets (e.g. cereal); territorial peculiarities of the food crisis; the development opportunities of agricultural products in Ukraine due to the increased export of agricultural products in the world; identifying potential markets for Ukrainian agricultural products and analysis of the potential of Ukrainian exports of agricultural products. The documents of Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), UNO, international legal documents, analytical sources of Internet have been processed for writing this paper. Statistical method has been applied for considering the dynamics of wheat and corn in Ukraine. These data, as well as the data for consumption and import of grain crops in developing countries and the volume of exported grain to these countries, comprises the basis for conclusion that Ukraine has a strong export potential, but doesn’t used it completely.

Key words: 

food crisis, production and utilization of grains, undernourished people, export potential, wheat, maize, commodity markets, investments




DOI: https://doi.org/10.17721/2413-7154/2015.74.75-82

Suggested citation: Chipko, T. (2015). World food crisis and Ukrainian oportunities in solving this problem. Ekonomichna ta Sotsialna Geografiya, 74, 75-82 (in Ukrainian, abstr. in English), https://doi.org/10.17721/2413-7154/2015.74.75-82.

Print ISSN: 2413-7154. Online ISSN: 2413-7553

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