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All submitted scientific articles undergo a process of blind peer review. This means that authors and reviewers do not know their identities. Contributions are reviewed by at least two independent reviewers from outside the unit (department) to which the author of the article is affiliated. As a rule, one reviewer is a fellow of Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv, while the other should be affiliated to another institution. The review is prepared in written form and is concluded by a clear conclusion whether the article may be published in the journal or should be rejected. 

The review form is published on the journal website.

The reviewer must timely inform the editorial board about any conflict of interests, for example, if the reviewer accidentally received an article written by his/her own postgraduate student etc.

The time length of a review process depends on the content, size, and subject matter of submitted contribution. Therefore, the Editorial Board does not strictly limit the reviewers in time, but ask them not to exceed the period of 2 months from the date of submission receipt.

The reviewer fills out the review form, evaluating the following aspects:

- compliance to the remit of the journal;

- correspondence of title, abstract, and key words to the content of the manuscript; 

- scientific originality;

- adequacy and sufficiency of the methods;

- correspondence of the structure to generally accepted requirements;

- disclosure of the main results in English abstract;

- formal conformity of the abstract, main text and referernces to the journal requirements;

- volume of the manuscript;

- number and quality of illustrative materials (figures, tables, etc);

- scientific language style;

- lexical and grammatical language quality.

In addition, optionally, the reviewer may add extended commentary, in particular reveal some of the above aspects in detail and provide recommendations on the possible ways of manuscript revision, the use certain scientific methods or techniques, data sources etc.


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