Review Process
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Initial Review

Executive Editor assigns an incoming registration number to the received article and scans it for conformity with formal requirements (text formatting, content and scope of abstract, style of references, language quality and scientific style etc.). In addition, submitted materials undergo verification for plagiarism and other violations of publishing ethics and policies. In the case of positive decision, Executive Editor sends the article for peer review. Otherwise, Executive Editor may reject a paper or send it to the author(s) for revision; in the latter case the date of receipt will be the date of re-receipt of the revised article.

Peer Review

All submitted scientific articles undergo a process of blind peer review. This means that authors and reviewers do not know their identities. Contributions are reviewed by at least two independent reviewers from outside the unit (department) to which the author of the article is affiliated. As a rule, one reviewer is a fellow of Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv, while the other should be affiliated to another institution. The review is prepared in written form and is concluded by a clear conclusion whether the article may be published in the journal or should be rejected. The review form is published on the journal website. The reviewer fills out the review form, evaluating the following aspects: scientific originality, adequacy and sufficiency of used methods, validity of findings, number and quality of illustrative materials (figures, tables) etc.

Decision of Editorial Board. Revision of the paper

After the peer review, the Executive Editor presents the paper for consideration by the Editorial Board, where by open vote, was adopted by one of the following five decisions:

1. Approval for publishing without any revision. Further elaboration of the article by the author(s) is not required

2. Approval for publishing with minor changes (with consideration at the next meeting of the Editorial Board). Еhe article is returned to the author(s) for appropriate revisions, and then undergoes a final review of the Editorial Board.

3. Return of the paper to the author(s) for revision (with subsequent repeated peer review). Upon receipt of the updated article, the Executive Editor submits it to repeated peer review, and then on reconsideration by the Editorial Board. In case of a repeated negative decision (options 3 or 4) the article is regarded as rejected.

4. Rejection of the article.

The Executive Editor notifies the corresponding author about the decision of the Editorial Board and sends him/her the completed reviewer forms.

Editing and Layout

The accepted paper undergoes general scientific and literary editing. After preliminary making-up, Executive Editor sends a proof to corresponding author for final approval. The author(s) should send appropriate corrections within ten working days from the letter sent date; otherwise, the paper will be printed in an unmodified form. After this, no further corrections are possible.

Recall of the Submission

The Editorial Board reserves the right to withdraw already published articles that have clear signs of plagiarism or any other violations of scientific ethics. Checking for plagiarism can be carried out by the editors on their own initiative or in response to notices, applications or claims of third parties.

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